Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cho was not neccessarily the killer yet Winnipeg group assumes it is.

This group that is detailing everything-- based in Winnipeg-- made a mistake. They're assuming Cho is the killer. [+] How can they say they're reconstructing things-- and use Cho? Cho was not id'd because his face was blown off.

Horror show is a media mind control trick to divert our attention.

I'm beginning to realize that this entire horror show-- with the gory detail in the Wpost is a bread and circus media show meant to distract us-- because there's an upcoming attack on Iran. This vtech situation is soaking up my attention that should be being spent elsewhere! It was DESIGNED as a "murder mystery"!!! That explains the first killing, the 2 hour gap, etc. We're being manipulated into trying to "solve" it!! This piece alerted me to that possibilty [+]

I'm particularly vulnerable for some reason-- look at my index! Now-- I think something ELSE is gong on... this is what this massacre was DESIGNED to do-- soak up the attention and mental energy of people-- trying to solve it or understand it-- and so I'm being subjected to thought-control... not mind-control which is different-- but thought control.. by creating a situation that garners my attention... a valuable commodity... that I should be psending elsehwere... Solution-- I have to go cold turkey here-- the result I can sit with is that I learned how to blog on a situation better... I can choose through exertion of free will to direct my attention elsewhere.... I'll use Google news to look for Cheney, and the impeachment-- Kucinich introduced that this week-- and the TV news isn't covering it... the massacre has been one big DESIGNED DISTRACTION-- there's no end to it. I keep uncovering more and more obvious questions-- the cover-up is appearing obvious-- the articles and media are exploding over it-- I'm caught in the analysis of it-- but I will now break.... and look at something else. The only thing I can do is stop. Now. I have determined that this is an Illuminati designed sicko event to hide other things-- this massacre was DESIGNED to be a murder mystery-- to try to solve it is to play their game-- so don't ty to solve it. Just walk away from it knowing that they're sick enough to perpetrate this-- the ends justifies the means-- they're interested in attacking Iran and Globalism-- the dollar is crashing--

This could be my last post on this. For it to not be would be playing into their hands. Alexander Hamilton-- the Federalist papers-- the Consitution-- the General Welfare-- study that history-- put the Fed under bankruptcy-- stay healthy-- control the direction of your attention-- put vt on a shelf-- It's the latest Illumininst "event"-- there were others, there will be more-- but to focus on the event and not the perpetrators and the big issues-- is to play their game. Thats it.

Here's a promising reconstruction.

[+] This promises to be interesting.

Cho's manifesto highly suspicious.

Cho had to read his manifesto on the video-- that's suspicious in itself. Why the prepared statement? Anyone who believed what they were saying would be able to rant spontaneously. This article does an analysis from a media point of view. [+] A lot of the stuff in this article seems highly unlikely-- and is rather consistent with an Illumuminst/Satanic prepared ritual April slaughter with Cho as a patsy. Some of it's just plainly too "clever"-- like the Moby Dick reference. The critique of society in general reminds me of the mail bomber a few years ago.

Head blown apart by a self inflicted shot to the temple? Which gun?

The WP article by David Maraniss says the cops found one gun by the killer-- where did the other one go? Where was it found? Which gun was used by the killer to blow his head apart? How can the head be mangled by a shot to the temple? Here's another blog that indicates a scene from a movie that Cho presumably modelled his performance on...

"Cho pointing a gun at his own head quoting Robert de Niro’s famous scene in “Taxi Driver,” in which he follows a slaughter of perceived villains with a suicidal blowing of his head apart, just as Cho did. " [+]

WP article-- pieces of flesh? How?

Here's the WP article again by DM--

"After storming the building, breaking the locks, the police ran up to the second floor and carefully entered each classroom, one by one. At some point, Cho Seung Hui apparently placed one of his guns at his temple and pulled the trigger. The scene was something these experienced officers had never witnessed. As they entered each room, they asked the students to hold out their hands, show that they had no weapons, and then led those who could walk down the stairs and outside. But there were so many bodies. Blood everywhere, pieces of flesh. The shooter himself, with a gun lying nearby, was almost unrecognizable, a face destroyed. And the innocent victims did not just have bullet wounds, the police would recount later, but were riddled with bullets, gushing blood. The scene was so emotionally overwhelming that many officers could not hold back tears even as they went about their business." {+]

Pieces of flesh everywhere? How? I don't get that. The shooter-- with A GUN-- not two guns??? -- lying nearby-- "almost" unrecognizable?... a "face destroyed"... after putting "one of his guns at his temple".... ??? Officers couldn't "hold back tears"???... I don't think so-- this doesn't sound right. This article is faked I think... In extreme stress situation, officers would not be "holding back tears".. and which officers were not able to hold back tears?? ... was he there? How did he know this? This report is very very very fishy... and how can there be 'pieces of flesh"..

Here we see screaming again...

WPost article by David Maraniss again...

"“People were running out of Norris and screaming. Streams of people were running out constantly. It was controlled, but you could tell everyone was panicked and very upset.” An older man came out grabbing his bloody head." [+]

The problem with this report by DM is that people shouldn't be screaming at the point where they're out of the building-- you'd think they'd be quiet so the gunman can't hear them and chase them... so they're screaming at the wrong time.. To me a scream is an alarm... Note too how DM writes this paragraph-- he has his witness Tucker Armstrong-- say "people were running out screaming... it was controlled". Makes no sense.

Students found on open drillfield? Not running away and hiding or screaming?

Here's an odd report in that Washington Post article by David Maraniss-- the cops arrive and find a group of students on an open "drill field". They were not running or screaming or making cell phone calls. It appears they were just standing there. That's very odd.

"The first officers from the university and city police forces arrived in minutes to find a large crowd of students on the Drillfield, a vast expanse across from Norris. They ordered the students to leave the area, immediately." [+]

This begs the question-- go where??? They order the students to "leave the area". What area? The campus? The field? The town? What? This Wash. Post article-- since it's in the WP-- is beginning to look suspicious to me-- it has to be part of the black op-- the spin control..

Besides that, what is this-- a drill field? Drill for what? Is VT a military academy? I don't think so. Yet there's a drill field. Or is it just drill for sports?

"Decked out like he was going to war"-- vs. "stocking on his head"

Look at "stocking" in my index. It's said that Cho put a stocking on his head. Then later, he's deced out like he was going to war. Where did he stash his get up and guns? In a locker somewhere? In his car?

"Matt Webster, a 23-year-old engineering student from Smithfield, Va., was one of four students inside when the gunman appeared. “He was decked out like he was going to war,” Webster recalled. “Black vest, extra ammunition clips, everything.” Again, his look was blank, just a stare, no expression, as he started shooting. The first shot hit Librescu in the head, killing him. Webster ducked to the floor and tucked himself into a ball. He shut his eyes and listened as the gunman walked to the back of the classroom. Two other students were huddled by the wall. He shot a girl, and she cried out. Now the shooter was three feet away, pointing his gun right at Webster." [+]

TV spent all week "mourning" and talking about gun control and mental illness but nobody on TV asked how Cho, the onstensible killer, could have done the logistics involved here. And consider the oddity involved in the "stocking on the head" vs. "decked out like he's going to war". It makes no sense.

Here's one report of a scream.

Here's a scream...
Room 204, Professor Librescu’s class, seems to have been the gunman’s last stop on the second floor. The teacher and his dozen students had heard too much, though they had not seen anything yet. They had heard a girl’s piercing scream in the hallway. They had heard the pops and more pops. By the time the gunman reached the room, many of the students were on the window ledge. T" [+]

Earlier, I couldn't understand why I wasn't seeing reports including screams-- but maybe under duress-- like this-- people don't scream a lot.

Washington Post article highly detailed by David Maraniss

There is incredible detail in this Washington Post article by David Maraniss... too much detail... how would he have acquired info like this...

"Violand thought he heard the gunman reload three times. He could not hold back odd thoughts: “I wonder what a gun wound feels like. I hope it doesn’t hurt. I wonder if I’ll die slow or fast.” He made eye contact with a girl, also still alive. They stared at each other until the gunman left." [+]

Of course, he would have had to have interviewed Violand-- but he seems to have interviewed everyone. It's almost as if the way this story is written-- it's TOO good...

Early reports said that students were lined up and shot.

Early reports-- and I'm no longer hearing this-- that students were "lined up". I recall thinking that that was bizarre-- and thought of the St. Valentine's Day Massacrre.

Door of German class held by 3 students, but shot threw-- splinters?

Here is a report from the detailed article at Midwest Pundits-- that indicates the gunman shot "through the door" and that "splinters flew everywhere"-- as if it was a wood door. But in a modern university the doors are metal aren't they? And if they're wood, they're solid, and it's hard to imagine a 9mm bullet penetrating a thick wood door so that splinters fly. Also, its reported here that the students used their feet to hold the door-- then later it's their whole body-- and yet none of them were hit?

Detailed report here-- very detailed.

Here's a highly detailed report. [+]

Here's a reporter who write Cho used two guns--

So-- gun experts say both the guns found require two hands. And now this reporter writes that Cho had a gun in each hand...

"In Jamie Bishop’s German class, they could hear the popping sounds. What was that? Some kind of joke? Construction noises? More pops. Someone suggested that Bishop should place something in front of the classroom door, just in case. The words were no sooner uttered than the door opened and a shooter stepped in. He was holding guns in both hands. Bishop was hit first, a bullet slicing into the side of his head. All the students saw it, an unbelievable horror. The gunman had a serious but calm look on his face. Almost no expression. He stood in the front and kept firing, barely moving. People scrambled out of the line of fire. Trey Perkins knocked over a couple of desks and tried to take cover. No way I can survive this, he thought. His mind raced to his mother and what she would go through when she heard he was dead. Shouts, cries, sobs, more shots, maybe 30 in all. Someone threw up. There was blood everywhere. It took about a minute and a half, and then the gunman left the room." [+]

This incredibly detailed report is on a website called Midwest Pundits... there's more detail here than I've yet seen anywhere. But I haven't been reading newspapers or magazines.... The shooter was holding guns in both hands... and he hits a guy in the head-- doesn't say from how far away... He stands in the front and fires barely moving-- YET the type of gun he uses has side kick recoil... Hmmm... He fires away for a minute and ahalf... there are "shouts, cries, sobs"... He's standing at "the front"-- so this classroom is entered from the front... he's facing the students?...

emails-- Email indicated a shooting, but not a murder?

The email the university admin sent out to students seems tepid in this report-- given that a student was MURDERED! -- they merely say there "was a shooting"... a "shooting"?... holy cats... a student was killed-- there's a killer on the loose..

"At 9:26, the first e-mail alert went out to the Virginia Tech community, faculty and students, about the earlier incident at West Ambler Johnston. The university leadership team had been meeting for nearly an hour by then, going over what they knew and what they didn’t know, and how they should handle the situation. The university police chief, Wendell Flinchum, had come in with the latest news on the investigation. It still looked to them like an isolated incident. The e-mail popped up on computers across the campus. John Ellerbe, a senior history major from Woodbridge, had just gotten out of the shower and was preparing for his 10 a.m. class when he read it: “A shooting occurred at West Ambler Johnston earlier this morning. Police are on the scene and are investigating. The university community is urged to be cautious and are asked to contact Virginia Tech Police if you observe anything suspicious or with information on the case. . . . We will post as soon as we have more information.” [+]

The campus speakers were not used at this point. I've seen elsewhere that campus speakers were used for weather reports. Weather? I also was given the idea of a siren to work with-- since air raid sirens in decades gone by were pretty effective at warning people of danger and to stay indoors and locked. I also think its idiotic that the u would depend on emails to alert people.. shows that we've taken some wrong turns with technology-- campus radio would have been better-- or campus tv-- closed circuit cable-- maybe campus tvs/moniters all over campus-- like tv's at airports showing arrivals and departures...

But an email indicating a "shooting"? -- and not a "murder"?

Table was heavy, and it was computer class.

Previously, a student in an engineering class used a table to block the door. Here we see a table was "heavy" and it wasn't enginneering, it was computer class....

" the kid in German class who became an eloquent voice of the survivors, to the quick-thinking student in computer class who placed a heavy table to block the doorway just in time, to the young man in mechanical engineering who made it through by pretending that he was dead." [+]

I'd like to see exactly how that was done and I'd like to know what a "heavy table" was doing in a classroom.

Cho wore a stocking cap?

This is the first time I've heard that Cho wore a stocking cap.

"Cho left the bathroom, got dressed, pulled a stocking cap over his head, and set out from the dorm on his way to kill 32 students and teachers and then himself in the bloodiest mass murder by a lone gunman in American history." [+]

Google searches on "two guns" + "virginia tech"

Here's an article that indicates the FBI found out that the woman who was the first one killed was at a shooting range two weeks ago.

" Thornhill was said to be a friend of Emily Hilscher, the woman killed in the first shooting. Police wanted to talk to him because the woman's roommate, Heather Haugh, told them Thornhill and the woman fired guns at a shooting range as recently as two weeks ago. [+]

Here's my question-- What are students doing at a shooting range?-- and during the school year before exams?

Monday, April 23, 2007

NRA wont' comment until "all the facts are known"

Well, "ALL" the facts are impossible to know so I guess there's no comment from the NRA.[+]

Shane said a gun is just a tool.

Gun control is being unleashed in the wake of this vtch hoax. [+]. This site references the movie Shane I saw in the early 1970s.

CNN cell phone video edited out the big blast and "whoa"

Here's a CNN edited cell phone video [+] The original video went longer and had a big blast after which the guy on the camera said "whoa!"... That's been deleted. So we know CNN is part of the problem now.

No word of autopsies.

We should have reports of autopsies being considerred, but we don't see that. I think there is a possibility that students were gassed in each classroom before the murders. That explains no screaming. I fully realize that that's inconsistent with some other apparent facts, but I'm exploring the issue of no screams here on this point. Why were there no screams? They were gassed then fell unconcious, then shot. Autopsies should be ordered by the State of Virginia. Watch for that or its absence. If they do not occur, I would say the complicity goes higher and higher and higher-- and the conspiracy circles wider. Every agent in the conspiracy ring would be kept in the dark about other elements in the project. They're each told what to do, and isolated from others' information on a need to know basis.


Update Mon. Something weird happened to my blogger account. I can update this post but I can't make new posts. I wonder if this is a "friendly signal" to stop? Interesting.

Was classrooms gassed before executiong?

There were no screams heard, despite shot after shot being fired-- as heard on the cell phone video... so how can that be explained? They must have been gassed to put their lights out beforehand-- THEN shot. That's the only way I can think it through. Autopsy's should be done to check blood for gas elements.

Videogames can't train you for real life, says Jim Kirwin.

I agree with Jim Kirwin that video games don't train you for real life. A simulation only goes so far. Larouche is convinced that videogames played a role here-- surprisingly LR people are not going further than that other than to ask questions about anomalies. Kirwin however says what I agree with-- that no simulator can prepare you for the expertise of what Cho is said to have done-- which means, to me, that Cho wasn't the shooter but the patsy.

The 2-gun problem-- both guns require 2 hands.

Jim Kirwin points out the 2-gun problem. [+]

Gun anomalies pointed out by Jim Kirwin

[+] Rense posted this Jim Kirwin article on gun anomalies.

Asian guy on ground in handcuffs picture!

[+] Scroll down! Look. Who is that guy in handcuffs??? The MSM mainstream media cable tv-- all 50 - 60 channels-- ignore this. Students ignore it... why? This picture needs to be explained.

Erlich points to discrency in gunman reports on Rense.

Erlich writes...

"Note that the University disclosed that one gunman was in custody at 10:53 am, in the fourth email suggesting again that Cho did not commit suicide but rather tried to escape the premises. Otherwise, there has to be disclosure of what the email meant in saying that one gunman was in custody WITHOUT SAYING THAT ONE GUNMAN IS DEAD AND ANOTHER IS IN CUSTODY. Thus, the time of the photographs of the police holding a gun to the head of the shooter manifestly in custody is also central. These photographs, in all probability were taken after 9:50 am, after the shootings at Norris were over, and possibly after 10:16 am, then make it clear that Cho did not commit suicide, as the mother of one of the victims suggests because the email would in fact clearly say that a shooter is down and another in custody (aside from the fact that someone committing suicide with a 9mm gun would be hard put to disfigure himself per original reports). Thus, the shooter in custody should be identified and was likely Cho and if not Cho why the disclosure that only one was in custody when it was then known that one was dead (whether by suicide or otherwise)."

Joseph Erlich on the case.

Rense just published a piece by Joseph Erlich (Senderberl.com?) [+] where Erlich is asking for another critical time. I don't quite get what he's saying but he's excited-- probably about finding a major clue... [+] another rense posted erlich article. First new entry to the senderberl page since Dec. 2004 but its about Lebanon.. Olmert tells how it was planned... [+ this is important.... also look at Makow... Erlich's overview is here [+] I'm going to be reading Erlich again soon with ancient astronauts in mind. Here's the google search on Senderberl [+] Here's a piece from Makow on the Illuminati. [+]

This vtech operation might be a continuing operation even now.

It just occurred to me after writing the 'hypnosis' entry, that the vtech operation (black op, psy op) would be a "continuing operation" even now... it's not over. It's active.... which implies that the Homeland Security alert system should be on high-- [+] It's "elevated" (yellow) but there is no reference to the whole schema-- which is dumb-- these guys are BRILLIANT aren't they?-- as brilliant as a 25 watt bulb... and there is no timeline history of the level of alerts, like a stock price over time... of course not. Because the intention is not to inform but to scare the shit out of us... IN MY OPINION... oh brother.... I'll start saying ... "oh Big Brother"...

Update... guess what... elevated don't look so bad-- there are two whole levels above that... [+]

Communications classses high at VT but students tired of media presence.

I've seen this idea expressed a few times-- that students are "tired" of all the media people on campus-- this makes no sense. A lot of the students are, in fact, "communications" students-- so would be interested in how the media are working this story... presumably... yet they're "tired"? of them??? What kind of "student" is this? Here's the article... [+]

If I were a student at vt, I'd "drop everything" and do an investigative alphakey blog like this one-- and attach a forum to it, like this one-- where "media" can go to "interview" me. Notice that nobody has visited my forum yet. The internet is rendered USELESS if the people who have access to it are MINDLESS. Note to vtch students-- Ummm... wake up? Smell the coffee? i dunno, you guys drink coffee? Hellooooo!!! Anyone there?

I note that the students who posted thier pretty pictures to the Planet Blacksburg didn't have a lot of webpages or blogs... and these are "communications" students. Hmmm... Maybe the entire vtech college has some deeper psychological issues. Note the big rally-- candlelight vigil too-- but the rally where they're chanting go hokies... Now that's pretty hokey in the face of things as they are... sort of reminds me of rallies in 1933 in Germany... Is the entire vtech situation a mind control situation? These kids are not acting like "students" with "curiosity" circuits engaged. Imagine that-- an entire college of some how many-- 20,000 students did I see that?-- ALL brainwashed??? -- to NOT ask questions? Are their "significance detectors" turned off-- is there a part of the brain that can be switched off like that???? Wow.

This is a new line of thought for me today-- I have to take a break-- an entire college student body-- ALL brainwashed... or..... all involved in the hoax? ... for example the engineering class that put a table in front of the door to block the gunman-- ENGINEERING an instant doorblock-- but PRECISELY how??? And the Planet Blacksburg blog article doesn't say if the gunman got through that block-- All the students on this campus should be blogging like me with an investigative alpha keyword blog-- to assemble the data.... Ants have more moxy than Vtech students-- if you disturb an entrance to an ant colony, EVERYONE pitches in on the emergency and recovery. They drop EVERYTHING they're doing-- to deal with the threat. Vtech students seem to think the threat is gone-- but how can they assume that?

There are anomalies that are unexplained-- the two faces of Cho-- the 2 hour gap-- Chos' apparent timeline of video creation-- Cho's script reading-- the standdown-- the lack of screams-- or even shouting... the red hat... the arrested Asian on the ground in handcuffs, where did HE go? -- the 6 foot man-- Cho was not 6 ft.... the big boom on the cell phone capture after the shots.... 3 shots in each student or 1???--- the high rate of accuracy... the reports of students lined up, vs. the later reports of random shooting... the regular 1 shot per second heard on the cell phone cam... the "face blown off" the shooter... (no positive id now)... the serial numbers on the gun-- erased-- yet the reciepts for the gun in the room with the serial numbers... the roomates-- didn't suspect a thing... no mention of video tape equipment... and finally-- the complete lack of good questions being raised by the students themselves-- rather than just the conspiracy sites-- which brings me back to this-- are all vtch students under some sort of odd hypnosis?-- being coached to feel grief and to move on-- and to be "tired" of media presence on campus?

Campus sanctuaries for grief but not for investigation.

Note that these campus "sanctuaries" are being set up for grief and emotion-- well if they can do that then why not set them up for intelligence gathering too? But nooooooo (John Belushi's famous line)-- it's just for crying... not reporting. [+] Where are the private investigators? Where are the Colombo's? Where are the Matlock's? The Sherlock Holmes's for Pete's sake? Where are the Magnums? What kind of a "college" is this Blacksburg? Are all the students zombied out? Geezus.

Criminal records can be sealed for a price?

I found this ad on a site from the Planet Blacksburg blog/paper-- [+] With the national tv discussion on Cho, his history of mental illness and his purchase of guns, to see this ad is strange. This means that someone with a criminal record can have it "expunged"-- thus allowing that person, if declared not able to buy guns, able again to buy guns. The whole thing is a circular see saw. Weird.

Student webpages listed here.

Here's an amazing list... of students and their webpages at vtch. [+]. This blogger.com software should be of interest to some of them-- indexing by alphabetical keyword to solve some of the anomalies involved in this "massacre"-- what I think was a "sacrifice"-- designed and carried out by some sort of rogue agency embedded in the US govn't... just like 9/11. One by one, we could send invitations to students there to this blog to question the details of the situation... for the most part, as Randi rhodes said yesterday in her radio show... people have stopped asking questions and are going along to get along... so the response to the investigation here might very well be zero. Most students are "into" the grief, and "dealing with the shock", expressing "sorrow" etc. But what about the anomalies? What kind of a school is this?

Sister of Cho issues statement to AP

Planet Blacksburg blog-paper (I don't know what it is yet-- has traits of both)-- has published the statement of the sister... which sister is involved in pretty high level stuff herself-- in terms of government intel-- this should be looked at more carefully. My theory is that Cho is a patsy-- and that the operation involved at least 3 primary suspects-- Cho the patsy, the real assassin who had to have been an expert who was 6 feet tall, wore a red hat, and was seen on MSM tv cable on the ground face down, hands behind his back being handcuffed-- and a man in a car that Larouche referred to earlier but which report is gone from his site as far as I can tell.

Planet Blacksburg first blog-article with open feedback.

I've posted an invitation at Planet Blacksburg, a blog with feedback that is open, where I've just published an invitation to this blog to solve this crime.

Gene Cole says gunman "loaded his gun at him"

Here's a strange sentence. This article purports to interview a witness, Gene Cole, who says the gunman "loaded his gun at him". WTF does that mean? You don't "load a gun at someone".... you "load a gun" and you "point it" at someone. So did Gene see the gunman "loading the gun then point it at him"? You mean he realized that "that's the gunman" then watched him load his gun and then point it at him? Did the gunman fire a shot at him? The reporter of this important article doesn't say which means, to me, that this article is some psyop propaganda.... of some sort. [+] It's the most detailed article I've yet found... and its on "PlanetBlacksburg.com"-- so this publication and it's contacts should be checked out. It looks suspicious to me.

Witness noted shooter had a hat, but no color mentioned.

The article I'm referencing here is beginning to look like a set-up-- in other words-- this article touches on important points and then moves off the critical feature of the point. For example the article here mentions that a witness saw the gunman and the gunman wore a hat. But then the article writer fails to ask the witness for the colour of the hat. Yet he notes the color of "the gun"-- black.

"Gene Cole, a building worker from the Pulaski County community of Belspring, had heard the shots and was on his way to look for Tickle, when he came around a corner on the second floor of Norris and saw a body on the floor.

“Across the hall, I caught sight of the shooter, and he loaded his gun at me,” said Cole. “I ran down the steps to get out of the there.”

Cole, who has worked for more than 20 years at Virginia Tech, saw bloodied hallways and also a hint of what the suspect looked like. Cole noted that the man had a hat on and was wielding a black automatic handgun." [+]

I've seen reports where the hat was red... a Beret type hat... Now that's interesting... because in this article above, no mention is made of the type of hat.

Absence of screaming is very odd.

A housekeeper is reported to have heard "lots of shots" but "no screaming". [+] I find that very odd... it occurred to me that the students could have been made unconcious somehow first-- this would explain no screaming-- in the shock of shooting-- wouldn't girls especially scream like crazy? Wouldn't a human body spontaneously go into screaming mode in horror? This is a very odd thing... no screams. Very very odd. Makes no sense to me.

Gunman tried to enter engineering class, blocked by table.

Here's a first hand report of the gunman (who I don't believe is Cho)... tries to get into an engineering class but the door is blocked by a table. Huh! Leave it to the engineers, eh?

"Ruiqi Zhang, a junior computer engineering major, experienced the incident first hand in his class on the second floor of Norris.

“A student rushed in and told everybody to get down,” said Zhang. “We put a table against the door and when the gunman tried to shoulder his way in and when he saw that he couldn’t, he put two shots through the door." [+]

The writer of this story drops that line of memory and moves on... I'd like to know what happened "then"... He fired two shots through the door, then... ? what? .... We need to find Ruiqui Zhang to tell us the rest of that story.

Also curious-- how do you block a door with a table. Classrooms have bar-type handles that you push to release a latch. What was the "table" butted up against... which way did the door open-- into the hall or into the class? -- what are tables doing in the back of the class-- or were the doors at the front of the class.... details like this should be looked at. Only a blog like this-- with alphabetical keywords that can be studied can help us solve this crime... which I'm pretty sure is an amateur black op.

Phone lines were jammed?

This student reports the phone lines were jammed. Does that include cell phones? [+] I thought phone companies had solved the jammed phone line problem. What is this, the 1920's? Why would the phone lines be jammed anyway? Students making emergency 911 calls? On cell phones? Students mainly have cell phones these days and no landline phones, don't they? This jammed phone line bussiness needs to be double checked.

Speaker message was odd.

A student blog reports what was said on campus speakers....

" I walked with my friend to his dorm to get his stuff as an omniscient announcement echoed across campus:
"This is an emergency. This is an emergency. Take shelter in doors immediately. Stay away from windows and remain inside." [+]

There's no indication of a killer loose on campus, be on the lookout for a man with a gun who has killed students. This student blogger doesn't indicate the precise time the speaker message was issued.

Facebook and MySpace being used by student bloggers.

I'll look at those other blogs later... this blogger.com is the only blog I found with useful tags.

Bomb threats may have tested security.

Larouche indicates that the bomb threats to the school the previous week may have tested security. I saw bomb sniffing dogs and a bomb tank on TV in the aftermath of the situation.

Early report says gunman was "captured"

Conflicting reports on whether the gunman was "captured" or "killed" or "killed himself" are all over the place... here's a headline that says he was "captured"....

4 Responses to “URGENT- VT Blacksburg Gunman CAPTURED - 20+ dead including gunman” [+]

Multiple emails to students but no speakers used.

Here's a student blogger reporting that multiple emails were used....

"There have been rumors flying, but there is also some verified information. Here is what the school has said via emails and notifications on the website:
-The first email was recieved at 9:29 this morning. It said there was a shooting in West Ambler Johnston, a dorm on the VT campus.
-The second email came at 9:54. It said a shooter was loose on campus and to stay in buildings. It was obviously hurried and not punctuated correctly.
-The third email was a cancellation of classes. That was at 10:26.
-The fourth email was received at 11:03 that detailed (to some extent) the first shooting and notified us of a second shooting in Norris Hall. It also said that the police have one shooter in custody and that they are searching for more. Campus is on lockdown." [+]

Note that there's no mention of speakers-- which are all over campus-- being used. That's odd... that means that you would have had to have been checking your email constantly. What kind of a security strategy is that? Who is the head of campus security? And by the way-- this might be the most important lead of all-- the guy who took the stand down order.

UPDATE-- stame student report indicates speakers-- "intended for weather" were used...
"Also, the emergency speakers intended for weather use were used today to let everyone know to stay inside and away from windows."

Note that the second email said the shooter is loose on campus!! And yet the speakers were STILL not used. This was not reporeted at all on the cable tv channels-- which simply went over how sad everyone was-- all week long-- even the students-- STUDENTS are supposed to be intellectually curious-- went to vigils instead of doing research-- but maybe there's something wrong at that university-- they have high "team spirit" for their "hoagies"-- what about team spirit to solve the murders? These students might be dumbed down.

This blog isn't backed up so if it's removed at some point, it's gone.

I'm still trying to find a convenient way to backup this blog. If its removed at some point-- for being too good-- since Google is partly owned by CIA, I hear-- then it's just gone. But that'll be another indicator of some sort of general clampdown on Americans.

Bodybags not seen on tv but reported by student blog.

This student blogger writes... "Unconfirmed, I have heard that at triage there were more than 30 “black tags” at triage. That means body bags. I hope that’s not true." [+] Note that the tv cameras on the corporate controlled networks (CBS- GE) etc. .. did NOT show bodybags. And note that the euphemism for bodybag is tag. I've never heard that before. Note also that you can usually tell something about the number of dead from an incident like a hurricane or other disaster by the number of bodybags ordered. I watched for that in Hurricane Charlie-- in Florida-- and the MSM (mainstream medai) doesn't stay on top of that number... but that's where you get the accurate info. In this case, this student was very good-- noting the number of body bags. Hire her.

Public relations blog writer links to real time student blog updates.

I've been looking for 'virginia tech bloggers" and did a search on that in Google blog search by date, giving me this blog by a public relations blogger. "Public relations" is a euphemism for 'propaganda"-- this is a known fact. There are links to student blogs here... firsthand reports. [+]

Larouche convinced violent videogames involved.

I see Larouche cutting a different path through this whole thing than me... I don't quite understand that. The reference Larouche's site made earlier to a man in a car seems to be gone this morning. All focus is on the video game situation.

Larouche points out this incident could be used to imposed dictatorship.


3 shots into each student?... or 1

As morbid as this might be, it's important to ask the question about how many shots were fired into each student. Early reports I heard on TV said 3 shots into each student. Larouche writes however...

How many shots were fired at each victim; e.g. reports that most victims died from one shot indicates a very high level of accuracy" [<+]

Later in the week ending Sunday April 22, 2007, the MSM clammed up about the entire story and began reporting on other things, including stupid pop culture stuff-- as if they've been told to "move along now". Mainstream media is the brainwashing tool of the modern age. It cannot be trusted. The seamless 'same attitude" goes across all channels-- it's truly bizarre. Thank God (or Darpa... or Arpa... and that guy-- for the internet).

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Craig's list for Blacksburg

[+] Maybe we can find some students here-- or even survivor students and other witnesses.

I posted a comment to richard marx's blog.

Let's see if it gets published. [+]

Why would Cho have been chosen as the patsy?

Richard Marx deals with this question. [+] Here's what Richard Marx says...

"But why Cho Seung-Hui? Why would this nondescript South Korean be chosen as the patsy in this covert operation? One answer could be that Kraft may have been assisted by South Korean filmmaker Chan-wook Park, who "trained as a Research Cosmonaut in 1995-96 to fly to the Mir space station", a project on which Kraft was a consultant (the resemblance between one of Cho's photos and a still from Chan-wook Park's 2003 film Oldboy is surely more than just coincidental). The choice of Cho Seung-Hui by Chan-wook Park may have been due to little more than racial expediency---"

This might have been a distraction from Iraq killings.

[+] scroll down to Iraq.

The question is why would the Bush Administration benefit from a massacre such as this taking place on American soil at this point in time. The answer is foregone: this week saw 169 people killed in Iraq, in what the New York Times described as "the deadliest day in the capital since the American-led security plan for the city took effect two months ago". Clearly, Bush needed a diversion, something to take attention off Iraq in much the same way as did Hurricane Katrina or the South East Asian tsunami (both joint CIA and Department of Meteorology operations). A school massacre by a lone gunman, utterly unlinked to the War on Terror, was just what the doctor - or, in this case, the President - ordered.--Jack Marx.

NASA might have filmed Cho's video.

Jack Marx thinks NASA filmed Cho's video. [+] He also is convinced the moon landings were fakes. That's interesting to me tonight as I think about the past week-- because a few days ago, a guy at a large NASA center was holding a few people hostage... nothing connects this other than NASA involvement.

Jack Marx has interesting perspective.

[+] Jack Marx is the first guy who has pointed out that Cho is reading from a script in the video-- and that this doesn't make sense. He writes...

"Most immediately noticeable about the video is that, for the most part, Cho appears to be reading from a script. Why is this so? If he truly believes in what he's saying, why does he need prompting from some form of text? It's as if the text has been written for him by someone else - or, perhaps, an organisation." [+]

Now what I notice about Jack Marx's comment is that it reflects my own original thought when I saw the video on one of the cable tv stations.. that occurred to me immediately. So I conclude that whatever organization put Cho up to this must be amateurs to some extent in the psy op business. They must be younger than me-- they basically fucked up. They're assholes, quite frankly. They're amateur Illuminati. Goofballs. Fuckups. The fact that they had Cho READ the fucking script is so fucking bloody stupid that this can almost be a smoking gun. It's certainly a reference point. I'm going to send Jack Marx a link to this blog-- and he and I and other will put our heads together and expose the stupidist Illuminist plot I've ever seen. Idiots. Of course, 9/11 was a pretty sad production too, come to think of it. These guys are getting real sloppy. Long live America. Long live the Treaty of Westphalia. Down with Globalism.

Lots of unanswered questions not being looked at.

I just watched another spate of cable tv over supper tonite, sunday nite, and there continue to be calls to look at guns, gun control, mental illness, society, the situation at virginia tech being a small town university where a kid could go bonkers if he doesn't fit in etc. NOBODY on the boob tube is asking any serious questions about the anomalies-- not even Larry King, or Tim Russert. or that new guy that looks like Rush Limbaugh.

What we all owe the murdered students-- real answers for what happened here.

The TV and Cable TV-- are diverting our attention away from real investigation. We all owe the murdered students a real investigation-- as human beings, as fellow Americans and as Vtech students, parents, friends and family. This will be my last post for awhile. Alphabetical order keywords on blogs like this, done by thousands of people will, in theory, turn up the real answers. I think it was a black op. The American Consistution has been betrayed here--- in my opinion. Let's fix the problem.

6 foot tall killer later was 5'8" Cho.

Anomaly I noticed picked out by conspiracyplanet.com-- the height of the killer changed. [+]

Standdown allowed shooter to pick off students with no interference.

This article puts it nicely.

Eyewitness accounts describe police hiding behind trees and failing to pursue the killer, while ordering the school to be placed on lockdown so nobody could escape the carnage as the killer picked off his targets with seemingly little interruption from the police. [+] This means the the police department are possibly involved in this killing spress. They cooperated with the standown.

Student reporters not doing a very good job.

[+] There are only 5 hits under Google blogsearch using 'student reporters". There are 46 hits for student reports. [+]

Earliest reports are more accurate than later reports.

In watching 9/11 and other Stupid Illuminati Tricks (S.I.T.'s)-- I've noticed early "blunders" that they later try to ignore or cover up. Others have said that the earlier reports are the more accurate ones. Notice this...

First report: The suspect was led away in handcuffs.

Second report: The suspect was killed.

Third report: The suspect killed himself.

[+] Early cable TV reports showed an Asian man on the ground with hands behind his back as police had him in handcuffs. No mention was made of this as the week progressed, although occasionally the picture slipped through, almost as if there is a rogue reporter embedded in network tv giving the rest of us conspiracy people a clue--

Killer had to be an expert-- was Cho an expert?

Here's a piece that talks about the need to be an expert to kill with high percentage like the Vtech killer. [+] I don't think Cho was the expert who did the killing. Cho is the patsy.

President of VTech calm, reads prepared statement.

[+] Dr. Stieger says in a calm voice that there were shootings... the "university" is shocked... sympthy to the "families of victims".... "crime scenes are being investigated"... continue to work to identify the victims "impacted" by this... He's already talking about it in past tense... he says a "nine eleven call"-- It's supposed be nine one one.... police "immediately responded" to the Norris hall situation... (but there was a standdown!!! acc to reports)... U. closed for remainder of day?... that's all? .,.. already a gathering for "healing process"...

Virginia tech bloggers might have more to say.


Firsthand account by a blogger whose girlfriend was hit in the hand.

[+] Firsthand account.
That blog was linked to this blog which seems to attack the media trying to get something out of the students who survived or were near that situation. [+] I found that blog using key 'virginia tech survivors' on google blogsearch by date. [+]

Cho bought clips on Ebay?


Cops hiding behind trees?

What is this? [+] What the hell is that? Cops hiding behind trees? What exactly was the strategy for "going in" on this? What about clear bulletproof shields... how about a reconstruction on a video game format of how this thing went down? Simultaneous timelines of each piece in the puzzle...

Greg Symanski of Arctic Beacon weighs in.


Rense-- Rense articles will likely be following out the conspiracy theory.

[+] Rense is probably a good source for follow up on the real situation--

Larouche-- blames violent videogames?

I don't know what to make of Larouche's view-- that violent videogames are responsible. [+] Maybe they're a part of the training of the mind controlled assassin Cho but I think theres' more to it... and actually Larouche points to a man in a car too... EIR writes, in another piece...

"Was the level of apparent planning, and skill reflective of a military and/or law enforcement training?

What were the flaws in the security procedures? It has been reported that there were bomb threats on the campus in the past couple of weeks. Was there a breakdown of security procedures, on April 16, after the first early morning shooting — and why? At one point there was a "lockdown" of the campus, which was then lifted.

LaRouche said that this incident can be used by those who want to impose a dictatorship for those purposes in the context of a national and international security alert."[+]

Islam connection-- Cho's suicide note signed Abraham Ax? tatoo?

Here's a piece I found that deals with this fake Islamic connection being pinned on Cho now...

"If only he'd been a Muslim. posted by lenin
Some of the American conservatives are irate at what they perceive to be a mainstream media conspiracy to deny Cho Seung-Hui's Islamic connections. You see, if the massacre could be Islammed-up a bit, then it could be described as a 'suicide attack', and a deliberate signal to evildoers all over the world as to what easy prey American youths are. Initially, it was revealed that Cho was an 'Asian' of some kind, and with the customary alacrity, neoconservative and fascist commentators in the media and through the blogosphere thought of the i-word. Then it was revealed that the phrase 'Ismail Ax' was scrawled on his body (although his package to NBC had 'A. Ishmael' written on it), and all hell broke loose on the farm. Doesn't the name alone connect him to something it says in Islam? Doesn't it relate to some Quranic tale or some disagreement Muslims have with Christianity? Why, the evidence is crystal-clear: "[Muslims] believe that Abraham was supposed to go out and attack idols with an axe, and some also attribute the phrase to meaning that Ishmael was supposed to kill Isaac, the father of all Western culture, with an axe. Cho was a South Korean immigrant to the US, but it seems undeniable that his killing spree, at least in part, was motivated by some sort of belief in Islam." ....more....[+]

video-- Cho's video continues to be shown around world

The networks in the US decided to not run the Cho videos-- a good thing-- but then we see that the videos were released to be run around the world acc. to this article. [+]. So who released the videos? You would think they would be under lock and key.

Randi Rhodes-- She's calling for note from doctor to get a gun but not exposing bigger conspiracy

Randi Rhodes on Air America or whatever the latest version is of that radio station is calling for notes from doctors before you buy a gun. Looks to me as though she's playing the Illuminist game too.

ritual sacrifice-- mass murders by Illuminists occur in April

Columbine and other mass murders have occurred in April, according to one theory. These are ritual sacrifices. The cooperation of the mass media in talking only about the 'talking points' they're given indicates that what we think of as reporters or journalists are not that at all-- we're actually inside an Orwellian mind control camp already.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Steve Quayle-- Linked forum discussion scientific killings.


Technorati site-- lots of stuff but not organized.

[+] It would take too long to sort through Technorati stuff... they need better writers with alpha index like me.

ambulance video-- technorati says guy on ground and another taken into custody

[+] Chaotic all morning. Comment about two arrests. Shows police hiding behind trees with helmets and vests and machine guns. Screams after the big bang. Lots of stuff TV doesn't play.

Kurt Nimmo-- good analyses


vtech- webcam, homepage


blame-- What is this kid talking about on utube?


two faces-- Cho's two faces are different


witnesses-- Students are still living who witnessed the classroom scenes

It's probably important to interview the students separately to gather up what they think they saw. I would say that these students should start a blog like this one. As I tried to imagine the scene in the classroom from what I've read so far -- and have seen -- on various media-- it seems hard to imagine how the student resistance could be so low. Nobody even threw anything at him, like a desk or chair? Or a book as a distraction? Exactly how this went down should be detailed. Vtech has a creative writing class... get busy.

loudspeakers-- Speakers all over campus not used after 1st shooting

This article at Alex Jones points out that there were loudspeakers all over campus. [+].

"Cho was certainly no slouch, in the two hour gap between the first reported shootings and the wider rampage that would occur later in the morning, during which time the University completely failed to warn the students despite having loudspeakers stationed throughout the campus, Cho had time..."

expert training-- to kill 32 people with 2 handguns requires skill

Here's a piece on Alex Jones referring to the skill required to kill that many people with just 2 handguns.

"Charles Mesloh, Professor of Criminology at Florida Gulf Coast University, told NBC 2 News that he was shocked Cho could have killed 32 people with two handguns absent expert training. Mesloh immediately assumed that Cho must have used a shotgun or an assault rifle." [+]

Alex Jones-- Infowars.com has lots of good stuff on the vtech black op

[+] Good source.

suicide note-- Ishmael-Ax-- oh brother here we go.

Rense features an article this morning that says Cho left a suicide note signed Ishmael-Ax. [+] Rense found this on Worldnews.com... I think that's the source... Of course this wasn't seen on "TV". Here we go... more complicated goofy shit from what I think is a rogue group in the CIA. I think these guys sit around with pizza and cokes and dream this stuff up... with the help of their advisors. Remember-- this college-- Vtech is full of CIA-- it's said because CIA is near there-- and actually have a new outfit in the Blackburg mountains... that must be cool. The only trouble here is that if this is a CIA black op, they murdered people-- and that's bad.. real bad. So.... now we have this stupid reference to Ishmael-AX.... and I'll have to see what that's about. You can't make something more bizarre than this I don't think, and I've read lots of science fiction.

see 'religious warfare'
This pinning of the blame on Muslims is absolutely rediculous.... what a joke. But it's consistent with the attempt by whatever conspiracy is out there-- whatever the mix is-- to incite religious warfare against Islam... the only monotheistic religion in the world now that is fairly unitary.... Christianity is busted up pretty good but not Islam. It's going to be fun to see what the standard Muslim resopnse is going to be to this. Larouche says starting religious warfare is really dangerous because you can't stop it-- and it could be a couple of hundred years before it dies down. So this is all consistent with the Larouche theory that these financial oligarchs are really trying hard to start religious warfare-- and pinning Islam on Cho is a great new move for them. Crap. As if I didn't have enough to do today-- they're taking it to THAT level?

psychophysical training-- Maybe we all ought to learn some moves.

It seems to me that if, as I think, rogue elements in the government are perpetrating events like 9/11, Vtech killer, etc-- that maybe good citizens need to get themselves trained in some sort of psychophysical way to respond in an optimal way to this crap. I'd much rather spend my time on the piano or something... but it certainly looks to me as if we have a serious problem here that goes back a long way... and it'll probably take awhile to upgrade civilization to the point where we don't have these embedded enemies within. Part of the key I think-- is common cultural reference points-- and I can't think of a better place to start than Classical Humanism... but even there, we have to upgrade to acquire understanding of human personality...etc. More and more, I'm getting the feeling of living in a primitive age-- like I'm a traveller from the future who fell into this time slot from a Time Tunnel. Lately, I've been viewing Jesus Christ as a possible ancient astronaut-- who actually might be connected with God who supercedes time and space. His apparent words are startling if you take them literally-- which is a lot of fun. His pscyhophysical training would involve "love of mankind"... agape-- so that's a good starting point too. Man is capax dei-- higher than animal-- and I think a lot of the goven't ops try to make monkeys out of men. The TV certainly seems to be trying to do that over the vtech killings. It's pathetic. It might work for awhile but the curvature of truth over time indicates that it won't work later on as truth emerges. Notice the Columbine files on parents testimony was sealed for 20 years. Thats likely because the truth is in there somewhere. Our job is to help truth surface faster than that I guess. It's kind of boring in a way. But I guess someone's gotta do it.

CIA-- homepage

[+] Yeah, there's nothing like posting a link to the CIA homepage to attract attention to this blog. I'm an idiot. Actually, I'm not... I'm just trying to solve a crime... or what I think is a crime-- by a CIA rogue group-- just like 9/11 was an inside job... so is the vtech killer. It's too bad America citizens can't do their research without being afraid of stuff like this. It's sad. I think there's a limit though-- I don't think that if you're going to do Mission Impossible kinds of things that you should be killing innocent kids and professors. That's nasty. I might be wrong-- this vtech operation might not be CIA-- but there a LOT of holes in this story-- too many-- and I'm not the only one pointing them out.

manifesto-- videotaped at Mainstay Suites hotel in Roanoke?

Quote from a blog....

"He also allegedly checked into the Mainstay Suites in Roanoke [+] on or around March 29 for one night under his own name. They don’t know yet what he was doing there, but I can’t help thinking of those photos and video he took with the striped wallpaper as a backdrop. It didn’t look like a dorm room’s wall facing. I bet he shot those at the hotel." [+]

>>>I think it's possible and even probable that if he himself made the videos that he had to have an accomplice. LR refers to the man in the car-- which I haven't checked further into yet. If the mind-control theory is right, then the accomplice was a supervisor-- making sure Cho did all the right things.

disinformation-- The whole thing reeks of "disinformation"

I've never been interested in "disinformation" too deeply-- till now. It now appears that we have a lot of intentional outputting of false info. It brings the octapus's ink cloud to mind. Smoke and mirrors. I guess the USA republic, to survive, will have to engage the citizens in a study of what disinformation is-- on a large scale. LR's EIR magazines have a lot of heavy articles that review the history of science and philosophy. I would start there.

CIA-- Starting to look like a CIA black op to me.

There's only one problem in pointing at some black op in the CIA here-- and that is-- they can find ME... and stop me from publishing this blog... So this is what America has come to. Great. I'm fucked because I think that IF the CIA is the perpetrator here that it's gotta be stopped. We'll have to look at the whole history of CIA-- blah blah blah. I just don't like being treated like an idiot like the TV news is treating us. There Is NO analysis of the "crime" worth watching-- it's sheer idiocy that's being pumped out. I would say, just for own reference, that this marks the end of TV. It's over. The net is the "new tv". It's clear to me that everything EVERY think coming across TV cable is crap on this event. Well-- the net broke loose in 94 or so-- and here it is 07... 12, 13, 14 years later... and so the Net is a "teenager" in a sense... about to take on it's own identity and awareness. We're all hitting puberty again... information puberty... and getting our first publishing erections... rebelling against the "authority" of insane parents-- in this case-- apparently the CIA. I'm almost certain that there have to be factions in the CIA-- as anywhere-- and that one faction is out of control on this.... and the other faction is too afraid to call it. Bush Sr. should call it. He was former head of CIA and I'm sure he wouldn't approve of this stupid script.

Friday, April 20, 2007

roadblocks-- Could have been set up after first double homicide but were not.

[+] Alex Jones interviews an experienced law officer who says roadblocks should have been up.

Westfield high school-- shares facilities with Northrop intel

[+] What kind of a high school shares facilities with the intel section of a major corp? I think Cho went to Westfield from reports I've seen. I could be wrong. Check it out.

DC sniper-- review this psyop to understand current one.

Here's a blogger who reminds us of the DC sniper psyop... He writes

"Anyway, no one will care, just as the DC sniper incident was a joke, so is this, ultimately after they milk the story dry. No, in today's tough market you need far more than the most violent mass murder in history. Double it, triple it and you don't even come close anymore. Sorry. " [+]

It's a fairly interesting blog, one of 44 including mine that comes up under virginia tech psyop.

33-- Number of students killed changed to 32 from 33 today. Hmmm...

I thought the number of dead students, 33, was an Illuminati "tell"-- these insane people like numbers like that-- note that the Nasa building number is 44-- to indicate the next one after 33. Next month is May, the fifth month. so expect some more shit on May 5-- 5-5... However, now the number of student dead fell to 32. No explanation by TV.

standdown-- not again-- just like 9/11 standdown... bad script guys

Here's indication that a standdown was ordered just as I thought. I was watching TV a few days ago and the MSM played the cell phone capture of the event.. and the police just seemed to be standing around as gunshots rang out, then one big boom and the cell phone cameraman-student goes "Whoa!".... Anyway... Here's the indication [+] I think this psyop was written by amateur kids on pizza and coca cola. There's too many holes... As I write this, they've moved on to the nasa building 44 psyop-- another "gunman"-- who the TV is saying was holed up on the second floor, then later.... we can't find him. Seems like the psyop people are trying to write their scripts in real time.

Feds ordered standdown. [+]

Virginia tech hoax-- Shootings clearly a psy op.

Check Google blogsearch under 'virginia tech hoax'... good stuff. [+]

virginia tech psyop [+]

Christan Pecault's analysis-- Good overview of this psy op mind control

Check this guy out. Youtube better than tv. [+]

linguistics-- memorize the keywords in alpha list for talking points.

To learn how to discuss this black op and decode it, study the alpha list. Cho's sister studied at Princeton and was involved, it appears in linquistics and mind control. Mass mind control is going on right now. To decode it, use alpha lists. Program your own mind or it'll be programmed FOR you and you don't want that.

imposed fields-- key to deciphering black-op crime

Imposed fields in this blog is a breakthrough. IT started with tags. But tags have to be alpha.

classrooms-- MSM unclear about number of classrooms but it's apparently 4? How?

"Now we are hearing that victims were found in four classrooms. While he is in one classroom blasting away, what are the other students doing? Just sitting there waiting? They would have either fled or barricaded the doors, like students in other classes did. One witness reported conversation in the hallway. I am thinking at least two shooters, with three or four possible." [+]

MSM-- mainstream media reduced everything to shock and emotion

"Petty details which the obeisant MSM doesn't concern itself with. Here is the Washington Post's current relevant page 1 headlines, NONE of which articles addresses the "oddities" or details. Everything is reduced to shock, emotion etc.: "


proofreaders-- funny post about black-ops writers this time

Scroll down to "proofreaders" in this forum where you'll see guys talking about how this script stinks and it has too many holes. He says they need better proofreaders. This forum is great. [+]

siren-- no homeland sec needed just a siren

In the old days, I siren means lockdown or hide or something.

Just found out campus had loudspeakers all over. See "loudspeakers"

Bill Clinton-- said on King not a Homeland issue but mental health

Bill Clinton said this not a Homeland Security issue. Mental health is. And yet today Homeland Security HS is trying to get on all the campuses.

odditities-- that's a great word to find out more if you're a mainstream media skeptic

Here's a forum where someone points out some "oddities". What a great word. Keep in mind Cho's sister went to Princeton and works for intel-connected company involved in psy-ops-- (!?)-- so someone should interview her. The black op people have left all sorts of tell tell clues this time-- just like in 9/11... and I think they think the American people are so dumbed down and stupid that they're not going to figure this out. Well, we'll see. To me, this is one of the most amateur black ops I've ever seen. It's like "kids" were hired to put this together.

roam around campus-- seems fishy he'd be able to do that.

Here's a blog where someone makes a good comment-- that it's fishy that he could have roamed around campus for two hours. [+] All the experts you see interviewed on TV are probably paid actors in a way-- they're being told what to say and what not to say. I'd like to see someone point blank ask someone who is on TV how Cho would have been able to roam campus for 2 hours. Maybe something went wrong with the original black op plan... that's my latest theory. Note this guy points out a witness saying the cops killed a shooter-- the shooter didn't kill himself.

Clinton-- Bill Clinton was on Larry King showing presence.

Bill Clinton showed presence on Larry King last night, and I see that as a counterveiling presence in the face of the vtech black-op-- it's sort of like Clinton is saying "not so fast, Illuminists, I'm still here". Bill Clinton let Larouche out of prison after Bush Sr. put him there so there's something good in him-- Overall he was a weak pres acc to LR though-- still he's got the potential to be on the right track. He told Larry he would like to see ex pres's be official advisors to the Senate... that he would help Hillary win, and that he'd like to be Sec of State... prob to counter the damage of Kissinger, Rice et al and get back to the philosophy of the real USa.

Cryptogon.com-- Second good blog analysis on this I've found.

[+] This is a good analysis-- the sister of Cho is involved in high level intel operations in US gov't related company... so that's fun. These intel operators think that they can do this apparently. Maybe they can-- but one way to force the truth back to the surface is through the use of alphabetical ordering of key concepts. That's what THIS blog is about. Cryptogon is good-- but it needs alphabetization of elements. Use Google with keyword "vtech shooting" + fishy-- yeah-- "fishy"-- any word that will "catch" posts in the net The net and things like Google-- which turned out to be the best search engine company for some reason-- might be the platform, along with creative skeptical thinking and alphabetical order blogs like this, that saves the USA republic from the "enemy within".

Distraction-- Be careful to keep one eye on Cheney and Iran--and US economy.

Don't allow the Vtech hoax to distract you from watching Cheney and the Iran situation as well as the US economy-- where they're about to open Mexican trucking up on US highways. Also try to stop the toll booths on public highways by stopping the sell off of US state govt' owned highways to private companies. There's a lot going on-- and you can no longer afford to just "go to school" and ignore events.

Murder mystery-- Treat the vtech shooting as a murder mystery

You've all watched years of Matlock, Columbo, Numbers, and other nameless crime investigation tv shows. Apply the skills you've learned from those to develop a "skepticism" about any of the stories NBC, CBS, and ABC and other mainstream media are telling you. The entire thing looks fabricated to me-- and there are more holes in their "story" as it's developing than in the students. The popular party event called "murder mystery" where people gather in a house for a party and solve a crime-- something I've never done aside from playing the boardgame CLUE-- would be a proper attitude in all of the media hoopla. Do not accept Cho as "the lone killer" theory-- look at the problems with it. Consider the official "story" carefully. Take notes. Watch TV everyday with this attitude. Check this blog frequently.

Man in car-- Larouche's people point to a man in a car.

There was a mysterious man-in-a-car event that Larouche's site says pay attention to.

Google blog search sort by date-- Best way to get updates.

Use the Google blogsearch by date with keyword "virginia tech shooting" for the fastest grassroots update. It's so good that I think that the posibbly-CIA-controlled-Google will soon delete this function. If this goes further, the entire internet will come under attack and be disassembled.

vtech shooting + fishy [+]

virginia tech psyop [+]

Manifesto-- MSM (mainstream media) broadcast of Cho's media is a mistake

The latest news today-- Friday April 20-- is the quarrel over broadcasting Cho's stupid so-called manifesto. I've been reading where expert psychologists say it's a mistake. I agree. There are already copycat situations sprouting up like wildfire around the USA with lockdowns in schools everywhere. The mainstream media's last days are occurring right now. Are you going to watch Brian williams or Alex Jones? if you up to speed on the net, the choice is clear. The mainstream media is 100% fabrication on this event-- it's astonishing how far they've gone.

Writing Class-- Vtech students--> Write like this.

Here's an example of how Vtech students, and friends and relatives of victims-- as well as anyone interested in preserving the USA as it was originally formulated-- against the Illuminist bastards who perpetrated this black op-- can write with style-- the style required to defend the republic against the onslaught occruing-- the takedown of the USA.

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