Monday, April 23, 2007

Erlich points to discrency in gunman reports on Rense.

Erlich writes...

"Note that the University disclosed that one gunman was in custody at 10:53 am, in the fourth email suggesting again that Cho did not commit suicide but rather tried to escape the premises. Otherwise, there has to be disclosure of what the email meant in saying that one gunman was in custody WITHOUT SAYING THAT ONE GUNMAN IS DEAD AND ANOTHER IS IN CUSTODY. Thus, the time of the photographs of the police holding a gun to the head of the shooter manifestly in custody is also central. These photographs, in all probability were taken after 9:50 am, after the shootings at Norris were over, and possibly after 10:16 am, then make it clear that Cho did not commit suicide, as the mother of one of the victims suggests because the email would in fact clearly say that a shooter is down and another in custody (aside from the fact that someone committing suicide with a 9mm gun would be hard put to disfigure himself per original reports). Thus, the shooter in custody should be identified and was likely Cho and if not Cho why the disclosure that only one was in custody when it was then known that one was dead (whether by suicide or otherwise)."

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