Monday, April 23, 2007

Communications classses high at VT but students tired of media presence.

I've seen this idea expressed a few times-- that students are "tired" of all the media people on campus-- this makes no sense. A lot of the students are, in fact, "communications" students-- so would be interested in how the media are working this story... presumably... yet they're "tired"? of them??? What kind of "student" is this? Here's the article... [+]

If I were a student at vt, I'd "drop everything" and do an investigative alphakey blog like this one-- and attach a forum to it, like this one-- where "media" can go to "interview" me. Notice that nobody has visited my forum yet. The internet is rendered USELESS if the people who have access to it are MINDLESS. Note to vtch students-- Ummm... wake up? Smell the coffee? i dunno, you guys drink coffee? Hellooooo!!! Anyone there?

I note that the students who posted thier pretty pictures to the Planet Blacksburg didn't have a lot of webpages or blogs... and these are "communications" students. Hmmm... Maybe the entire vtech college has some deeper psychological issues. Note the big rally-- candlelight vigil too-- but the rally where they're chanting go hokies... Now that's pretty hokey in the face of things as they are... sort of reminds me of rallies in 1933 in Germany... Is the entire vtech situation a mind control situation? These kids are not acting like "students" with "curiosity" circuits engaged. Imagine that-- an entire college of some how many-- 20,000 students did I see that?-- ALL brainwashed??? -- to NOT ask questions? Are their "significance detectors" turned off-- is there a part of the brain that can be switched off like that???? Wow.

This is a new line of thought for me today-- I have to take a break-- an entire college student body-- ALL brainwashed... or..... all involved in the hoax? ... for example the engineering class that put a table in front of the door to block the gunman-- ENGINEERING an instant doorblock-- but PRECISELY how??? And the Planet Blacksburg blog article doesn't say if the gunman got through that block-- All the students on this campus should be blogging like me with an investigative alpha keyword blog-- to assemble the data.... Ants have more moxy than Vtech students-- if you disturb an entrance to an ant colony, EVERYONE pitches in on the emergency and recovery. They drop EVERYTHING they're doing-- to deal with the threat. Vtech students seem to think the threat is gone-- but how can they assume that?

There are anomalies that are unexplained-- the two faces of Cho-- the 2 hour gap-- Chos' apparent timeline of video creation-- Cho's script reading-- the standdown-- the lack of screams-- or even shouting... the red hat... the arrested Asian on the ground in handcuffs, where did HE go? -- the 6 foot man-- Cho was not 6 ft.... the big boom on the cell phone capture after the shots.... 3 shots in each student or 1???--- the high rate of accuracy... the reports of students lined up, vs. the later reports of random shooting... the regular 1 shot per second heard on the cell phone cam... the "face blown off" the shooter... (no positive id now)... the serial numbers on the gun-- erased-- yet the reciepts for the gun in the room with the serial numbers... the roomates-- didn't suspect a thing... no mention of video tape equipment... and finally-- the complete lack of good questions being raised by the students themselves-- rather than just the conspiracy sites-- which brings me back to this-- are all vtch students under some sort of odd hypnosis?-- being coached to feel grief and to move on-- and to be "tired" of media presence on campus?

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