Monday, April 23, 2007

This vtech operation might be a continuing operation even now.

It just occurred to me after writing the 'hypnosis' entry, that the vtech operation (black op, psy op) would be a "continuing operation" even now... it's not over. It's active.... which implies that the Homeland Security alert system should be on high-- [+] It's "elevated" (yellow) but there is no reference to the whole schema-- which is dumb-- these guys are BRILLIANT aren't they?-- as brilliant as a 25 watt bulb... and there is no timeline history of the level of alerts, like a stock price over time... of course not. Because the intention is not to inform but to scare the shit out of us... IN MY OPINION... oh brother.... I'll start saying ... "oh Big Brother"...

Update... guess what... elevated don't look so bad-- there are two whole levels above that... [+]

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