Saturday, April 21, 2007

CIA-- Starting to look like a CIA black op to me.

There's only one problem in pointing at some black op in the CIA here-- and that is-- they can find ME... and stop me from publishing this blog... So this is what America has come to. Great. I'm fucked because I think that IF the CIA is the perpetrator here that it's gotta be stopped. We'll have to look at the whole history of CIA-- blah blah blah. I just don't like being treated like an idiot like the TV news is treating us. There Is NO analysis of the "crime" worth watching-- it's sheer idiocy that's being pumped out. I would say, just for own reference, that this marks the end of TV. It's over. The net is the "new tv". It's clear to me that everything EVERY think coming across TV cable is crap on this event. Well-- the net broke loose in 94 or so-- and here it is 07... 12, 13, 14 years later... and so the Net is a "teenager" in a sense... about to take on it's own identity and awareness. We're all hitting puberty again... information puberty... and getting our first publishing erections... rebelling against the "authority" of insane parents-- in this case-- apparently the CIA. I'm almost certain that there have to be factions in the CIA-- as anywhere-- and that one faction is out of control on this.... and the other faction is too afraid to call it. Bush Sr. should call it. He was former head of CIA and I'm sure he wouldn't approve of this stupid script.


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