Saturday, April 21, 2007

manifesto-- videotaped at Mainstay Suites hotel in Roanoke?

Quote from a blog....

"He also allegedly checked into the Mainstay Suites in Roanoke [+] on or around March 29 for one night under his own name. They don’t know yet what he was doing there, but I can’t help thinking of those photos and video he took with the striped wallpaper as a backdrop. It didn’t look like a dorm room’s wall facing. I bet he shot those at the hotel." [+]

>>>I think it's possible and even probable that if he himself made the videos that he had to have an accomplice. LR refers to the man in the car-- which I haven't checked further into yet. If the mind-control theory is right, then the accomplice was a supervisor-- making sure Cho did all the right things.

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