Monday, April 23, 2007

Witness noted shooter had a hat, but no color mentioned.

The article I'm referencing here is beginning to look like a set-up-- in other words-- this article touches on important points and then moves off the critical feature of the point. For example the article here mentions that a witness saw the gunman and the gunman wore a hat. But then the article writer fails to ask the witness for the colour of the hat. Yet he notes the color of "the gun"-- black.

"Gene Cole, a building worker from the Pulaski County community of Belspring, had heard the shots and was on his way to look for Tickle, when he came around a corner on the second floor of Norris and saw a body on the floor.

“Across the hall, I caught sight of the shooter, and he loaded his gun at me,” said Cole. “I ran down the steps to get out of the there.”

Cole, who has worked for more than 20 years at Virginia Tech, saw bloodied hallways and also a hint of what the suspect looked like. Cole noted that the man had a hat on and was wielding a black automatic handgun." [+]

I've seen reports where the hat was red... a Beret type hat... Now that's interesting... because in this article above, no mention is made of the type of hat.

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