Monday, April 23, 2007

3 shots into each student?... or 1

As morbid as this might be, it's important to ask the question about how many shots were fired into each student. Early reports I heard on TV said 3 shots into each student. Larouche writes however...

How many shots were fired at each victim; e.g. reports that most victims died from one shot indicates a very high level of accuracy" [<+]

Later in the week ending Sunday April 22, 2007, the MSM clammed up about the entire story and began reporting on other things, including stupid pop culture stuff-- as if they've been told to "move along now". Mainstream media is the brainwashing tool of the modern age. It cannot be trusted. The seamless 'same attitude" goes across all channels-- it's truly bizarre. Thank God (or Darpa... or Arpa... and that guy-- for the internet).

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