Friday, April 20, 2007

standdown-- not again-- just like 9/11 standdown... bad script guys

Here's indication that a standdown was ordered just as I thought. I was watching TV a few days ago and the MSM played the cell phone capture of the event.. and the police just seemed to be standing around as gunshots rang out, then one big boom and the cell phone cameraman-student goes "Whoa!".... Anyway... Here's the indication [+] I think this psyop was written by amateur kids on pizza and coca cola. There's too many holes... As I write this, they've moved on to the nasa building 44 psyop-- another "gunman"-- who the TV is saying was holed up on the second floor, then later.... we can't find him. Seems like the psyop people are trying to write their scripts in real time.

Feds ordered standdown. [+]

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