Monday, April 23, 2007

Bodybags not seen on tv but reported by student blog.

This student blogger writes... "Unconfirmed, I have heard that at triage there were more than 30 “black tags” at triage. That means body bags. I hope that’s not true." [+] Note that the tv cameras on the corporate controlled networks (CBS- GE) etc. .. did NOT show bodybags. And note that the euphemism for bodybag is tag. I've never heard that before. Note also that you can usually tell something about the number of dead from an incident like a hurricane or other disaster by the number of bodybags ordered. I watched for that in Hurricane Charlie-- in Florida-- and the MSM (mainstream medai) doesn't stay on top of that number... but that's where you get the accurate info. In this case, this student was very good-- noting the number of body bags. Hire her.

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