Saturday, April 21, 2007

Alex Jones-- has lots of good stuff on the vtech black op

[+] Good source.


James L. said...

Phil, you are a colossal fool. Your brain is bent nearly as much as Cho's was... People with your particular clinical paranoia, oddly and ironically, can never accept that one crazy, violent man can deal so much destruction, from Lee Harvey Oswald to Sirhan Sirhan to Bin Laden to Seung-Hui Cho. No matter what the real facts say, you'll go sniffing for "black ops" like Elmer Fudd going after bunny wabbits-- and with the same success rate... Looking at you, after the laughter comes pity. Pity, Phil.

Phil said...

My brain is as bent as Cho's? You've gotta be kidding me right? Right there, I'd say you're tossing pity in the wrong direction. You ought to help yourself to some.

There are anomlies, James I. Like-- what was the big boom on the cell phone camera? Instead of trying to discredit me by making rude false associations between my brain and Cho's, why don't you tell me what that boom was?

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