Saturday, April 21, 2007

suicide note-- Ishmael-Ax-- oh brother here we go.

Rense features an article this morning that says Cho left a suicide note signed Ishmael-Ax. [+] Rense found this on I think that's the source... Of course this wasn't seen on "TV". Here we go... more complicated goofy shit from what I think is a rogue group in the CIA. I think these guys sit around with pizza and cokes and dream this stuff up... with the help of their advisors. Remember-- this college-- Vtech is full of CIA-- it's said because CIA is near there-- and actually have a new outfit in the Blackburg mountains... that must be cool. The only trouble here is that if this is a CIA black op, they murdered people-- and that's bad.. real bad. So.... now we have this stupid reference to Ishmael-AX.... and I'll have to see what that's about. You can't make something more bizarre than this I don't think, and I've read lots of science fiction.

see 'religious warfare'
This pinning of the blame on Muslims is absolutely rediculous.... what a joke. But it's consistent with the attempt by whatever conspiracy is out there-- whatever the mix is-- to incite religious warfare against Islam... the only monotheistic religion in the world now that is fairly unitary.... Christianity is busted up pretty good but not Islam. It's going to be fun to see what the standard Muslim resopnse is going to be to this. Larouche says starting religious warfare is really dangerous because you can't stop it-- and it could be a couple of hundred years before it dies down. So this is all consistent with the Larouche theory that these financial oligarchs are really trying hard to start religious warfare-- and pinning Islam on Cho is a great new move for them. Crap. As if I didn't have enough to do today-- they're taking it to THAT level?

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