Monday, April 23, 2007

Multiple emails to students but no speakers used.

Here's a student blogger reporting that multiple emails were used....

"There have been rumors flying, but there is also some verified information. Here is what the school has said via emails and notifications on the website:
-The first email was recieved at 9:29 this morning. It said there was a shooting in West Ambler Johnston, a dorm on the VT campus.
-The second email came at 9:54. It said a shooter was loose on campus and to stay in buildings. It was obviously hurried and not punctuated correctly.
-The third email was a cancellation of classes. That was at 10:26.
-The fourth email was received at 11:03 that detailed (to some extent) the first shooting and notified us of a second shooting in Norris Hall. It also said that the police have one shooter in custody and that they are searching for more. Campus is on lockdown." [+]

Note that there's no mention of speakers-- which are all over campus-- being used. That's odd... that means that you would have had to have been checking your email constantly. What kind of a security strategy is that? Who is the head of campus security? And by the way-- this might be the most important lead of all-- the guy who took the stand down order.

UPDATE-- stame student report indicates speakers-- "intended for weather" were used...
"Also, the emergency speakers intended for weather use were used today to let everyone know to stay inside and away from windows."

Note that the second email said the shooter is loose on campus!! And yet the speakers were STILL not used. This was not reporeted at all on the cable tv channels-- which simply went over how sad everyone was-- all week long-- even the students-- STUDENTS are supposed to be intellectually curious-- went to vigils instead of doing research-- but maybe there's something wrong at that university-- they have high "team spirit" for their "hoagies"-- what about team spirit to solve the murders? These students might be dumbed down.

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