Sunday, April 22, 2007

Larouche-- blames violent videogames?

I don't know what to make of Larouche's view-- that violent videogames are responsible. [+] Maybe they're a part of the training of the mind controlled assassin Cho but I think theres' more to it... and actually Larouche points to a man in a car too... EIR writes, in another piece...

"Was the level of apparent planning, and skill reflective of a military and/or law enforcement training?

What were the flaws in the security procedures? It has been reported that there were bomb threats on the campus in the past couple of weeks. Was there a breakdown of security procedures, on April 16, after the first early morning shooting — and why? At one point there was a "lockdown" of the campus, which was then lifted.

LaRouche said that this incident can be used by those who want to impose a dictatorship for those purposes in the context of a national and international security alert."[+]

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