Monday, April 23, 2007

No word of autopsies.

We should have reports of autopsies being considerred, but we don't see that. I think there is a possibility that students were gassed in each classroom before the murders. That explains no screaming. I fully realize that that's inconsistent with some other apparent facts, but I'm exploring the issue of no screams here on this point. Why were there no screams? They were gassed then fell unconcious, then shot. Autopsies should be ordered by the State of Virginia. Watch for that or its absence. If they do not occur, I would say the complicity goes higher and higher and higher-- and the conspiracy circles wider. Every agent in the conspiracy ring would be kept in the dark about other elements in the project. They're each told what to do, and isolated from others' information on a need to know basis.


Update Mon. Something weird happened to my blogger account. I can update this post but I can't make new posts. I wonder if this is a "friendly signal" to stop? Interesting.

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