Monday, April 23, 2007

Student webpages listed here.

Here's an amazing list... of students and their webpages at vtch. [+]. This software should be of interest to some of them-- indexing by alphabetical keyword to solve some of the anomalies involved in this "massacre"-- what I think was a "sacrifice"-- designed and carried out by some sort of rogue agency embedded in the US govn't... just like 9/11. One by one, we could send invitations to students there to this blog to question the details of the situation... for the most part, as Randi rhodes said yesterday in her radio show... people have stopped asking questions and are going along to get along... so the response to the investigation here might very well be zero. Most students are "into" the grief, and "dealing with the shock", expressing "sorrow" etc. But what about the anomalies? What kind of a school is this?

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