Monday, April 23, 2007

Gene Cole says gunman "loaded his gun at him"

Here's a strange sentence. This article purports to interview a witness, Gene Cole, who says the gunman "loaded his gun at him". WTF does that mean? You don't "load a gun at someone".... you "load a gun" and you "point it" at someone. So did Gene see the gunman "loading the gun then point it at him"? You mean he realized that "that's the gunman" then watched him load his gun and then point it at him? Did the gunman fire a shot at him? The reporter of this important article doesn't say which means, to me, that this article is some psyop propaganda.... of some sort. [+] It's the most detailed article I've yet found... and its on ""-- so this publication and it's contacts should be checked out. It looks suspicious to me.

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