Saturday, April 21, 2007

psychophysical training-- Maybe we all ought to learn some moves.

It seems to me that if, as I think, rogue elements in the government are perpetrating events like 9/11, Vtech killer, etc-- that maybe good citizens need to get themselves trained in some sort of psychophysical way to respond in an optimal way to this crap. I'd much rather spend my time on the piano or something... but it certainly looks to me as if we have a serious problem here that goes back a long way... and it'll probably take awhile to upgrade civilization to the point where we don't have these embedded enemies within. Part of the key I think-- is common cultural reference points-- and I can't think of a better place to start than Classical Humanism... but even there, we have to upgrade to acquire understanding of human personality...etc. More and more, I'm getting the feeling of living in a primitive age-- like I'm a traveller from the future who fell into this time slot from a Time Tunnel. Lately, I've been viewing Jesus Christ as a possible ancient astronaut-- who actually might be connected with God who supercedes time and space. His apparent words are startling if you take them literally-- which is a lot of fun. His pscyhophysical training would involve "love of mankind"... agape-- so that's a good starting point too. Man is capax dei-- higher than animal-- and I think a lot of the goven't ops try to make monkeys out of men. The TV certainly seems to be trying to do that over the vtech killings. It's pathetic. It might work for awhile but the curvature of truth over time indicates that it won't work later on as truth emerges. Notice the Columbine files on parents testimony was sealed for 20 years. Thats likely because the truth is in there somewhere. Our job is to help truth surface faster than that I guess. It's kind of boring in a way. But I guess someone's gotta do it.

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