Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"Decked out like he was going to war"-- vs. "stocking on his head"

Look at "stocking" in my index. It's said that Cho put a stocking on his head. Then later, he's deced out like he was going to war. Where did he stash his get up and guns? In a locker somewhere? In his car?

"Matt Webster, a 23-year-old engineering student from Smithfield, Va., was one of four students inside when the gunman appeared. “He was decked out like he was going to war,” Webster recalled. “Black vest, extra ammunition clips, everything.” Again, his look was blank, just a stare, no expression, as he started shooting. The first shot hit Librescu in the head, killing him. Webster ducked to the floor and tucked himself into a ball. He shut his eyes and listened as the gunman walked to the back of the classroom. Two other students were huddled by the wall. He shot a girl, and she cried out. Now the shooter was three feet away, pointing his gun right at Webster." [+]

TV spent all week "mourning" and talking about gun control and mental illness but nobody on TV asked how Cho, the onstensible killer, could have done the logistics involved here. And consider the oddity involved in the "stocking on the head" vs. "decked out like he's going to war". It makes no sense.

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