Tuesday, April 24, 2007

WP article-- pieces of flesh? How?

Here's the WP article again by DM--

"After storming the building, breaking the locks, the police ran up to the second floor and carefully entered each classroom, one by one. At some point, Cho Seung Hui apparently placed one of his guns at his temple and pulled the trigger. The scene was something these experienced officers had never witnessed. As they entered each room, they asked the students to hold out their hands, show that they had no weapons, and then led those who could walk down the stairs and outside. But there were so many bodies. Blood everywhere, pieces of flesh. The shooter himself, with a gun lying nearby, was almost unrecognizable, a face destroyed. And the innocent victims did not just have bullet wounds, the police would recount later, but were riddled with bullets, gushing blood. The scene was so emotionally overwhelming that many officers could not hold back tears even as they went about their business." {+]

Pieces of flesh everywhere? How? I don't get that. The shooter-- with A GUN-- not two guns??? -- lying nearby-- "almost" unrecognizable?... a "face destroyed"... after putting "one of his guns at his temple".... ??? Officers couldn't "hold back tears"???... I don't think so-- this doesn't sound right. This article is faked I think... In extreme stress situation, officers would not be "holding back tears".. and which officers were not able to hold back tears?? ... was he there? How did he know this? This report is very very very fishy... and how can there be 'pieces of flesh"..

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