Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Here's a reporter who write Cho used two guns--

So-- gun experts say both the guns found require two hands. And now this reporter writes that Cho had a gun in each hand...

"In Jamie Bishop’s German class, they could hear the popping sounds. What was that? Some kind of joke? Construction noises? More pops. Someone suggested that Bishop should place something in front of the classroom door, just in case. The words were no sooner uttered than the door opened and a shooter stepped in. He was holding guns in both hands. Bishop was hit first, a bullet slicing into the side of his head. All the students saw it, an unbelievable horror. The gunman had a serious but calm look on his face. Almost no expression. He stood in the front and kept firing, barely moving. People scrambled out of the line of fire. Trey Perkins knocked over a couple of desks and tried to take cover. No way I can survive this, he thought. His mind raced to his mother and what she would go through when she heard he was dead. Shouts, cries, sobs, more shots, maybe 30 in all. Someone threw up. There was blood everywhere. It took about a minute and a half, and then the gunman left the room." [+]

This incredibly detailed report is on a website called Midwest Pundits... there's more detail here than I've yet seen anywhere. But I haven't been reading newspapers or magazines.... The shooter was holding guns in both hands... and he hits a guy in the head-- doesn't say from how far away... He stands in the front and fires barely moving-- YET the type of gun he uses has side kick recoil... Hmmm... He fires away for a minute and ahalf... there are "shouts, cries, sobs"... He's standing at "the front"-- so this classroom is entered from the front... he's facing the students?...

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