Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Horror show is a media mind control trick to divert our attention.

I'm beginning to realize that this entire horror show-- with the gory detail in the Wpost is a bread and circus media show meant to distract us-- because there's an upcoming attack on Iran. This vtech situation is soaking up my attention that should be being spent elsewhere! It was DESIGNED as a "murder mystery"!!! That explains the first killing, the 2 hour gap, etc. We're being manipulated into trying to "solve" it!! This piece alerted me to that possibilty [+]

I'm particularly vulnerable for some reason-- look at my index! Now-- I think something ELSE is gong on... this is what this massacre was DESIGNED to do-- soak up the attention and mental energy of people-- trying to solve it or understand it-- and so I'm being subjected to thought-control... not mind-control which is different-- but thought control.. by creating a situation that garners my attention... a valuable commodity... that I should be psending elsehwere... Solution-- I have to go cold turkey here-- the result I can sit with is that I learned how to blog on a situation better... I can choose through exertion of free will to direct my attention elsewhere.... I'll use Google news to look for Cheney, and the impeachment-- Kucinich introduced that this week-- and the TV news isn't covering it... the massacre has been one big DESIGNED DISTRACTION-- there's no end to it. I keep uncovering more and more obvious questions-- the cover-up is appearing obvious-- the articles and media are exploding over it-- I'm caught in the analysis of it-- but I will now break.... and look at something else. The only thing I can do is stop. Now. I have determined that this is an Illuminati designed sicko event to hide other things-- this massacre was DESIGNED to be a murder mystery-- to try to solve it is to play their game-- so don't ty to solve it. Just walk away from it knowing that they're sick enough to perpetrate this-- the ends justifies the means-- they're interested in attacking Iran and Globalism-- the dollar is crashing--

This could be my last post on this. For it to not be would be playing into their hands. Alexander Hamilton-- the Federalist papers-- the Consitution-- the General Welfare-- study that history-- put the Fed under bankruptcy-- stay healthy-- control the direction of your attention-- put vt on a shelf-- It's the latest Illumininst "event"-- there were others, there will be more-- but to focus on the event and not the perpetrators and the big issues-- is to play their game. Thats it.

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