Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Students found on open drillfield? Not running away and hiding or screaming?

Here's an odd report in that Washington Post article by David Maraniss-- the cops arrive and find a group of students on an open "drill field". They were not running or screaming or making cell phone calls. It appears they were just standing there. That's very odd.

"The first officers from the university and city police forces arrived in minutes to find a large crowd of students on the Drillfield, a vast expanse across from Norris. They ordered the students to leave the area, immediately." [+]

This begs the question-- go where??? They order the students to "leave the area". What area? The campus? The field? The town? What? This Wash. Post article-- since it's in the WP-- is beginning to look suspicious to me-- it has to be part of the black op-- the spin control..

Besides that, what is this-- a drill field? Drill for what? Is VT a military academy? I don't think so. Yet there's a drill field. Or is it just drill for sports?

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