Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jack Marx has interesting perspective.

[+] Jack Marx is the first guy who has pointed out that Cho is reading from a script in the video-- and that this doesn't make sense. He writes...

"Most immediately noticeable about the video is that, for the most part, Cho appears to be reading from a script. Why is this so? If he truly believes in what he's saying, why does he need prompting from some form of text? It's as if the text has been written for him by someone else - or, perhaps, an organisation." [+]

Now what I notice about Jack Marx's comment is that it reflects my own original thought when I saw the video on one of the cable tv stations.. that occurred to me immediately. So I conclude that whatever organization put Cho up to this must be amateurs to some extent in the psy op business. They must be younger than me-- they basically fucked up. They're assholes, quite frankly. They're amateur Illuminati. Goofballs. Fuckups. The fact that they had Cho READ the fucking script is so fucking bloody stupid that this can almost be a smoking gun. It's certainly a reference point. I'm going to send Jack Marx a link to this blog-- and he and I and other will put our heads together and expose the stupidist Illuminist plot I've ever seen. Idiots. Of course, 9/11 was a pretty sad production too, come to think of it. These guys are getting real sloppy. Long live America. Long live the Treaty of Westphalia. Down with Globalism.

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