Monday, April 23, 2007

Gunman tried to enter engineering class, blocked by table.

Here's a first hand report of the gunman (who I don't believe is Cho)... tries to get into an engineering class but the door is blocked by a table. Huh! Leave it to the engineers, eh?

"Ruiqi Zhang, a junior computer engineering major, experienced the incident first hand in his class on the second floor of Norris.

“A student rushed in and told everybody to get down,” said Zhang. “We put a table against the door and when the gunman tried to shoulder his way in and when he saw that he couldn’t, he put two shots through the door." [+]

The writer of this story drops that line of memory and moves on... I'd like to know what happened "then"... He fired two shots through the door, then... ? what? .... We need to find Ruiqui Zhang to tell us the rest of that story.

Also curious-- how do you block a door with a table. Classrooms have bar-type handles that you push to release a latch. What was the "table" butted up against... which way did the door open-- into the hall or into the class? -- what are tables doing in the back of the class-- or were the doors at the front of the class.... details like this should be looked at. Only a blog like this-- with alphabetical keywords that can be studied can help us solve this crime... which I'm pretty sure is an amateur black op.

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