Friday, April 20, 2007 Second good blog analysis on this I've found.

[+] This is a good analysis-- the sister of Cho is involved in high level intel operations in US gov't related company... so that's fun. These intel operators think that they can do this apparently. Maybe they can-- but one way to force the truth back to the surface is through the use of alphabetical ordering of key concepts. That's what THIS blog is about. Cryptogon is good-- but it needs alphabetization of elements. Use Google with keyword "vtech shooting" + fishy-- yeah-- "fishy"-- any word that will "catch" posts in the net The net and things like Google-- which turned out to be the best search engine company for some reason-- might be the platform, along with creative skeptical thinking and alphabetical order blogs like this, that saves the USA republic from the "enemy within".

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