Friday, April 20, 2007

Murder mystery-- Treat the vtech shooting as a murder mystery

You've all watched years of Matlock, Columbo, Numbers, and other nameless crime investigation tv shows. Apply the skills you've learned from those to develop a "skepticism" about any of the stories NBC, CBS, and ABC and other mainstream media are telling you. The entire thing looks fabricated to me-- and there are more holes in their "story" as it's developing than in the students. The popular party event called "murder mystery" where people gather in a house for a party and solve a crime-- something I've never done aside from playing the boardgame CLUE-- would be a proper attitude in all of the media hoopla. Do not accept Cho as "the lone killer" theory-- look at the problems with it. Consider the official "story" carefully. Take notes. Watch TV everyday with this attitude. Check this blog frequently.

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